We’re all familiar with the old adage ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ but how much joy is there to be had in a tidy sock drawer or carefully styled coffee table display?

Some would say we have gone too far (See Spectator Article) and suggest that, perhaps, our orderliness now extends in to areas of life that may have been best left more relaxed.


We’ve asked The Laundry Co team what they think and here are some of the things they said:-

‘It feels much better to come into your home or workplace when it’s tidy’

‘I can find what I’m looking for when there’s less clutter

‘I get more done’

‘It’s easier to keep the place clean’

Perhaps that leads us to another old adage, ‘horses for courses’.  While some might enjoy cleaning, organising and sorting – others may prefer to have a coffee, catch up with a friend or go shopping.  For those who don’t enjoy it, then perhaps delegation is the key; or you could adopt the Roseanne Barr approach, ‘Excuse the mess, but we live here.’