Office Life

With our weekly Shirt Service, you never again have to worry about not having a crisp clean shirt. No more messing about with fiddly collars and cuffs, trying to get them just right. Delegate and give yourself time for that extra cup of coffee on a morning! Our experienced dry cleaning technicians can help give you that edge with a suit that is fresh and expertly finished.

Empty Nest

The kids have flown the nest and you’re no longer working every hour. You’ve finally got some time to yourself. You could spend it doing your laundry but our clients believe it’s better spent travelling, dancing and practising golf. Washing and pressing large items like bedding can be awkward at the best of times and especially when we’re not feeling so steady. There’s no need to compromise your standards though – help is at hand.

Wedding Bells

We’ve been cleaning wedding dresses for over twenty five years. We’ve watched the styles change and gathered a huge amount of experience. Designer, vintage, high street or heirloom – we can do it!


Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, or just have a bit of a backlog because it’s the school holidays, we’ve got it! Happy mummies are not afraid to ask for help and using our laundry service to handle all those suitcases full of dirty laundry is a sure fire way to keep that holiday feeling lasting just a little bit longer. You don’t have to come back from holiday and start on the laundry when you can easily book a collection from The Laundry Co. and we can do it for you!

New Baby

There’s nothing quite like a baby to bring a mountain of joy and laundry to your household. Precious moments don’t last forever. Who wants to interrupt them with laundry? But then what about when you’re down to your last babygro and he’s just been sick on his cot sheet? These early days of parenting can leave you feeling exhausted! Our 7KG Wash Dry and Fold equates to a large carrier bag and you can fit a lot of baby clothes and bedding into one of those!

Child's Play

We all know that outdoor play is good for children, but has anyone worked out whether the children attract mud, or the mud attracts children? Playing is so much fun, but that won’t get the laundry done.  Our 7 KG Wash Dry and Fold equates to a large carrier bag, and depending upon the size of your child, that could be five tops, five skirts or trousers, a couple of jumpers and lots of underwear.

University Life

University life is the beginning of domestic independence for many, but a recent survey said over 42% of students don’t know how to iron a shirt. You worry about your grades; we’ll worry about your laundry. Our 7 KG Wash Dry and Fold equates to roughly a large carrier bag containing a single bedding set, three pairs of jeans, some underwear, a couple of t shirts and hand towels.


You’ve graduated and you’re looking for a job.  Or perhaps you’ve struck lucky and found your dream job. We have to face facts, how we present ourselves in the modern workplace matters. It can mean the difference between getting the job, being promoted or securing a rise in salary.  Make sure you turn up looking the part and a lot less stressed, by having The Laundry Co take care of your washing and ironing.

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Because life's too short to worry about the ironing pile!

Our Story

We’ve been supporting North East families with their laundry and drycleaning needs for over 25 years. People keep coming back to us because we offer a flexible and affordable service. We’re big believers in quality and value and that’s why over 40% of our customers have been recommended to us by family or friends. We’re family people we understand the changing needs of families.