Unavoidable price increases

Telling your customers you have to put your prices up isn’t great but it is unavoidable.  Our price increases have usually been incremental, 50p here, 40p there, that sort of thing.  The current situation with energy prices, the rapid increase in general costs as well as the upcoming increase in living wage is making that approach a bit haphazard and not really fit for purpose.

It has been scary the rate of cost increase and the only way for a business to survive and thrive is to factor the cost into what we do and price accordingly.  Our new price list is under development and we plan to release it and use it from Monday 4th April 2022.

We hope the price increase doesn’t put you off using us as we are sure that other businesses like us will be facing the same dilemma, it is often said that the price is what you pay but value is what you get and we hope that our commitment to providing the best choice, convenience and quality of cleaning will allow customers to see our value.

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