Clear out the Cloakroom.  If the area where you keep your coats is anything like ours, there won’t be much space for lots of extras!  It’s such a shame to have a chair monopolised by a pile of coats when you have guests over.   Accept it; it’s going to be quite some time before you need your lightweight coat or sandals.  Pack up the coats and shoes that are not in use and make space for what’s needed now.


Air the Spare Room.   This is something we always do, regardless of whether we have planned house guests.  It’s the time of year when some folk choose to drive, knowing they have a busy few days ahead, but as the evening wears on and the prosecco begins to flow, driving becomes a less attractive option.  Get out your duster, open the window, make up the bed with clean fresh bedding and add a pot plant – done!


Clean the Oven.  There’s nothing worse than the smell of accumulated grease overpowering the smell of festive baking or the turkey.  We know there are some great products on the market now, we’ve heard exceptionally good things about Lakeland’s oven cleaner but at this busy time of year we like to call in a professional.  Yes, it costs more, but we know it will be done exceptionally well and frees up time for present wrapping and mince pie testing.


Find the bottom of the Laundry Basket.  Do you really want to go through the most social season of the year with a laundry basket so deep that you can’t keep track of what’s clean and what’s not?  Save yourself the stress and get on top of this early December.  Avoid last minute panics by having an idea of what you’re going to wear for special occasions and making sure it’s clean in advance.


Blitz the Bathroom.  For many, the bathroom sees much more traffic on the run up to Christmas.  Pull on your marigolds and go to town – then maintain it!  It’s the season for coughs and sneezes, winter vomiting bugs and more.  The last thing you want is to be at home ill when you should have been out having fun. Invest in some of these great spray products that can be used on most surfaces to kill germs.


Last but certainly not least, Chill.  It’s so easy to get caught up in a cycle of ‘doing’ at this time of year.  Make some time to relax, enjoy your home and just ‘be’.