Get up before the kids

No matter how much you love your sleep – and in my case that’s a heck of a lot – there’s so much to be said for getting up before the kids.  Even if only ten minutes, that short spell of calm can help the whole day to flow more smoothly.  Have a coffee, prioritise what you need to do that day and hit the ground running when they wake.


Organise your wardrobe

It’s difficult to start the day feeling calm and together if you can’t find what you’re going to wear.  Develop a system and stick to it.  Choose what works for you – whether you keep seasonal clothing together, colours together or clothing of a set type together – choose your system and do it.  Never put dirty clothes back into the wardrobe.  It wouldn’t take long for all your clean clothes to smell less than fresh.

Have a Meal Plan

Yes, it takes an extra twenty minutes or so to sit down and figure out the week ahead, but it’s time well spent.  You will save time and money.  You’ll have less waste and probably each much more healthy too.  Go on, give it a try!