Put a waste bin in every room.

Sick of finding empty envelopes, sweet wrappers and old newspapers all over the place?  With a small waste bin in each room no one has any excuses for not disposing of their clutter.  Sure, you then have to empty them all, but in our experience that’s much better than collecting up all the rubbish.

Adopt a ‘shoes off in the house’ policy


Stop the dirt form coming in and you’ll have a lot less of it to clean up!  Also, it’s not just about the visible dirt.  Think of all the things you may trod in during the course of a day.  Do you really want tiny traces of that in your home?

When you come across something that’s broken, bin it.


The same can be said for clothes that no longer fit and incomplete toys.  If it’s never going to be used again, get rid of it, there and then.  Don’t put it to one side to fix later when you know the reality is you won’t.