11. Use The Scientifically Proven Power Of Nature To Turn Your Cubicle Into Your Own Private Oasis.


By adding just a single plant to your cubicle, you can significantly reduce both your stress and anxiety levels and can improve your overall general health.


10. Wear Business Clothing That’s Been Scientifically Engineered To Be Comfortable… All Day Long.


Don’t buy the same outdated and uncomfortable business clothing that your father wore… get technologically advanced clothing, that’s been scientifically engineered to keep you comfortable… all day long.


9. Avoid The Deadly Health Risks Of A Sedentary Lifestyle. Work Using A Sit-Stand Desk.

Sitting has been called the new smoking, and health organizations worldwide (for example: 1, 2, 3) are urging people to break free from their sedentary lifestyle.

One of the easiest ways to break free… is to use a sit-stand desk.


8. Use An Active Footrest To, Subconsciously, Keep Your Legs And Feet Moving And Active While You Work.


This simple device will, subconsciously, cause you to slide and rock your feet from side-to-side… helping keep your legs active and giving you a light workout (both of which will help you further avoid the health risks of a sedentary lifestyle).


7. Tired Of Hot, Sweaty, And Uncomfortable Feet? Get Temperature-Regulating, Socks.


If your feet are uncomfortable, you’re uncomfortable… so, get socks designed to keep your feet cool, dry and odor-free while you’re working hard all day.


6. Make Your Office Feel More Like Home. Add A Few, Personalized And Motivating Items.


Adding the right items to your cubicle can make it feel more welcoming, more homey, and even help you stay motivated throughout the day.


5. So… You’re Hungry, You Want A Real Meal, But You Don’t Want To Eat Out? Use The Office Microwave To Make This Delicious Meal… In Under 2 Minutes.


Use the office microwave, to make this delicious, real meals, like this hearty omelette. Take a few eggs, a dash of milk, and your favorite omelette extras (cheese, avocado, ham, etc.) microwave for a few minutes et voilà. For a full recipe, click here.


4. Tired Of Remembering Tens Of Passwords? Use A Password Manager To Store And Automatically Enter Passwords.


Password managers store all your usernames and passwords, and will automatically enter them into login forms. They will save you a surprising amount of time and will quickly become something you can’t live without.


3. Stop Losing Countless Hours To Distracting, Time-Sucking Websites. Use StayFocusd.


StayFocusd is a free Chrome extension that will quickly help you do one thing… stay focused. It gives you a set amount of time (say 30 minutes) to browse notoriously distracting and time-sucking websites, like Facebook, Reddit and Buzzfeed. After you reach the set amount of time, it temporarily blocks you from accessing these sites. It’s a simple, yet highly effective extension.


2. Quickly Boost Your Low Office Energy With These 4 Simple Office Energy Hacks.


If you’re tired, not only is it hard to concentrate, but it’s hard to stay creative, inspired, and driven to produce your best work. If you need a boost of energy, use these 4 quick and easy office energy hacks.




I could dedicate an entire series of articles on the topic of boosting energy, but since we’re talking about ‘hacks’ in this article, here are four quick and easy office energy hacks:


Energy Hack #1: Drink A Lot Of Water.


One of the first signs of dehydration is sleepiness/tiredness.


Energy Hack #2: Eat The Right Foods.


Certain foods give you energy, while others take energy away. Everyone’s body is different, so monitor your energy levels after eating different types of foods…. but to get you started, think about this:


Which do you think you’ll have more energy after eating: a bowl of bacon mac and cheese or a chicken salad?

Energy Hack #3: Snack, Consciously.


If you don’t eat between meals, your blood sugar drops, which makes you feel tired. So snack, but do it consciously. Instead of a donut, reach for fruit, mixed nuts, veggies, etc.


Energy Hack #4: Jump-Start Your Brain… Get Up And Walk.


Take a look at your brain before and after a 20-minute walk below… enough said.



Use these four office energy hacks to quickly and easily give yourself a significant boost of energy.


1. Dramatically Improve Sleep, Physical Activity And Overall Quality Of Life. Get More Natural Light In Your Cubicle.


Bad lighting can cause fatigue, headaches, irritability and even depression. A study done by Northwestern University, reported that office workers who get more natural light slept better, exercised more and reported having a higher overall quality of life. source


If you work in a cubicle or a big office, chances are you don’t have control over the building’s natural lighting… but that doesn’t mean you can’t still take advantage of this office hack.


Here are a few strategies to get more natural light in your cubicle:


1. Use mirrors to redirect natural light. Just 1-2 mirrors intelligently placed in your cubicle can dramatically improve the amount of light you get.


2. Use natural light bulbs or a light therapy device. If you’re unable to get real natural light, both of these are great substitutes.


If you want to sleep better, be more motivated to exercise and have a higher overall quality of life… get more light.


Credit; Kyle Boureston / Mantelligence.com


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