Why do clothes come out of the dryer wrinkled? Do you really need to sort laundry into whites and colors? If you want to know how to get wrinkle-free clothes, dry wet clothes fast, and whether or not you need to separate laundry, these 8 laundry hacks and tips will make your life easier.

The Myth of Laundry Sorting

Did you know that you really don’t have to sort laundry into colors versus whites? Unless a clothing item is a brand-new red or denim, tossing all your clothes into the machine together will not result in bleeding colors and unintentional tie-dyes—and it’s been this way for decades! Although whites can handle higher temperatures (which can help remove stains), there’s no other reason to wash your whites and your colors separately. Which means your laundry job just got easier: now you can clean your family’s clothes by their owner rather than by color. Stick a hamper in each child’s room and toss the entire load in at once, set on cold. No sorting!

Two People Doing Laundry?

Has this conversation ever happened in your house? “Can this go in the dryer? What about this? Should I hang this up? What about that?” End it forever with a dry erase marker. When you put laundry in the washing machine, write what garments can’t go in the dryer on the lid of the washer. Then erase it before your next load. Problem solved!

Sock Sorting the Easy Way

Use a mesh lingerie bag or pillowcase to launder each family member’s socks separately. It’s an easy way to keep them together so they’ll be easier to sort later.

Take Them for Another Spin

If you find your clothes are still dripping wet when you take them out of the washing machine, put them back in and set the cycle to spin. The extra spin time will wring them out even further, and use less energy than extra time in the dryer will.

Cut Down on Drying Time

Add a big, dry towel to the clothes dryer when drying jeans and other bulky items. It will cut the drying time significantly, because the dry towel with absorb excess moisture. It will save you energy and save your clothes!

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Dry Pants without Creases

What’s the secret to wrinkle-free pants? When hanging up your pants to dry, make sure to hang them by the cuffs at the bottom. (Either use a pants hanger with clips, or just add clothespins to a hanger.) Thanks to gravity, they’ll dry with little to no creases!

Dry Delicates Faster

After hand-washing clothes they can stay damp for hours, but trying to wring them out can leave huge wrinkles. Solve this problem with a rolling pin and two towels. Fold the towels and place your wet garment between them. Then roll the rolling pin over the towels several times to get out the water five times faster than air-drying alone.

Quick Lint Disposal

Here’s a clever way to get rid of dryer lint: Stick an empty tissue box near your washer and dryer, and simply tuck the lint inside after scooping it out of the dryer. The plastic-lined opening of the tissue box keeps lint from flying away! When the box is full, trash it, use the lint as compost, or toss it into a fire—lint is a first-rate kindling!

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Credit; Quickanddirtytips.com