If you work in an office, you’ll know how untidy this hectic environment can become from time to time. But is the mess that surrounds you when you work actually stopping you from being the best you can be?

Depending on the type of person you are, the mess in your place of work could be having a detrimental effect on your motivation and concentration levels. But keeping an office clean and tidy is probably easier than you think.

1. Use sticky notes to clean

If you like to eat your meals over your computer, there are probably several crumbs on your keyboard throughout the average day. To get rid of them, just use the adhesive strip of sticky notes to pick them up. This tip is particularly useful for reaching morsels stuck between the keys of your keyboard.

2. Invest in a handheld vacuum

Books, filing cabinets, computers and just about anything you’d find in an office have the potential to attract dust. Invest in a handheld vacuum, and delegate vacuuming duties with a rota. Keeping on top of dirt and dust on a daily basis will keep your office clean at all times — and save you an awful lot of money on hiring cleaners.

3. Clean office chairs with hydrogen peroxide

It’s amazing how dirty the average office chair can become over time. Food, dust and dirt can accumulate very quickly, but don’t throw out your chairs just yet. Mix up a solution of dishwashing detergent and add a few teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide. Last thing on a Friday, scrub your dirty office chairs using the solution and a scrubbing brush. Leave them to dry over the weekend, and you’ll be surprised how good they look on Monday morning.

4. Use chair mats

The constant footfall of staff can wear down carpet and scuff hardwood flooring over time. You can keep floors around desks clean and presentable by placing each office chair on a chair mat.

5. Use fake plants

It’s always nice to add a little greenery to a work environment in the form of plants — but make sure they’re fake. Real plants attract pests, and they can drop “bits” that someone will need to pick up. If you want that fresh plant smell, by a natural-smelling essential oil.

6. Implement power cleaning

You’ve probably heard of a power nap, which involves sleeping for a few minutes to refresh body and mind. Power cleaning involves everyone in the office leaving their desks and performing their own cleaning tasks for 10 minutes. Do this every other day, and you should never have to worry about a dirty or messy work environment.

7. Appoint a kitchen monitor

If you have a kitchen in your office, someone will need to take responsibility for its cleanliness. Appoint a different kitchen monitor every week. This person will take charge of cleaning floors, worktops, appliances and dirty dishes. At the end of the week, that person gets to nominate the next person for the job.

8. Make toilet cleaning a twice-daily event

Create a very simple cleaning rota for your toilets. Clean it just after lunch and at the end of each work day. If you maintain this schedule, each clean should take no more than a few minutes.

9. Use travel mugs

Office workers are notorious for spilling drinks at their desk. This not only creates a cleanliness issue, it threatens computers and other items of electrical equipment. If you insist that everyone must drink out of sealed travel mugs, spillages will instantly become a thing of the past.

10. Banish office odours for good

Large offices — particularly those with kitchens — can become very smelly very quickly. Be proactive in fighting pongs by placing pots of baking soda and essential oil in strategic locations around the office. They will absorb nasty odours and emit a sweet-smelling fragrance.


Keeping an office clean and tidy is an essential part of driving staff productivity and morale. By using these office cleaning tips, your work environment should be a better, brighter and happier place.

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