DIY Ink Stain Remover

Whether you got it from school, work, or at home, ink stains are definitely a pain. Thankfully though, I’ve discovered this simple tip that can actually remove ink stains. All you have to do is apply rubbing alcohol onto the ink stain using a cotton swab and firmly rub until you remove the stain. In a few minutes, it’ll all be gone (alternatively, you can use hairspray too).

Bleach Clothes Naturally

Instead of toxic store bought bleach, why not go for something more natural? To make one, you’ll just need two ingredients: two tablespoons of lemon juice, and 1/2 cups of hydrogen peroxide. Mix them well and pour into your wash cycle. Your clothes will brighten and whiten in no time!

Deodorise Clothes with Vinegar

Body sweat and dirt can build up in your clothes and create smelly musty odor. And the best way to get rid of it is by filling a spray bottle halfway with a vinegar and half with water. Mix the two liquids and spray on your clothes inside out. Hang the item outside or in a well-ventilated space to air-dry. Don’t worry about the vinegar smell; it’ll wear off as the solution dries.

DIY Fabric Softener

Here’s another DIY project that you can take advantage of. Ditch the store brand fabric softener and make your own. Just grab some vinegar and hair shampoo and mix them with a 1:1 ratio. Pour into a mason jar to store and use whenever needed. It’ll make your clothes soft and smell fresh.

Retain Colour in Fabrics with Salt

It can be frustrating to see your favourite shirt getting faded due to regular washings. But all you have to do to lengthen it’s life is to soak the item in a basin of water with one tablespoon of salt. Let it sit for half an hour and then put it in the laundry.

Chalk on Grease Stains

Who would have thought that a single stick of white chalk could get rid of grease stains? Just rub it into the stains and the chalk powder will absorb the grease, making the stain easily removable by the laundry soap in the wash. This easy hack works on so many things like lipstick and bacon grease.

De-wrinkle Clothes with Ice Cubes

If you ran out of time to iron your shirt or pants, then throw them in your dryer with a couple of ice cubes and dryer sheets and, in no time at all, you’ll have wrinkle-free clothes! Just be mindful to put in only two or three garments at a time to let the ice do its trick.

Wash Socks and Lingerie in a Mesh Bag

Never lose your socks or lingerie again with the help of mesh bags. Just put your dirty socks and lingerie inside the bag and wash with your other clothes. When done, you won’t need to look for your socks when pairing them up. This is especially great if you have a big family!



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